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Anonymous asked;
lol you know that choi seohee has had surgery though right?

Ah she has? Do you have a source or anything so I can verify? Idk one page stated she hasn’t so I always assumed it, but I’ll change her profile later for now :-)

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Anonymous asked;
I thought he deleted it

He recently got the app again after he saw the messages about him on here which definitely relieved me.

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Anonymous asked;
How are you still in contact with Leon?

We’ve exchanged kakaotalk ids some time ago!

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Anonymous asked;
Honestly, having pretty skin is in genetics, too. Your mom probably has beautiful skin, thus passing it into you. You're so nice btw.

Definitely genetics is a giant factor. And my mom has absolutely beautiful skin, but it sucks since I got my dad’s genes so I had to work hard and spend lots of money to get somewhat good skin ahaha. Shucks you’re so straightforwardly sweet ^^

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